• Russell Roy

Victoria Falls Can Leave You Speechless

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Our jumping off point to Victoria Falls was the Victoria Falls Hotel. This Victorian era hotel takes you back in time. It is luxuriously decorated in the time period complete with game mounts at every turn while the walls display memorabilia of past visits by royalty and very famous people. Almost half of the visit highlight was the hotel experience.

The falls themselves are absolutely impressive. They are 1.7km long with a drop of 108m. By comparison Niagara Falls is a total of 1.2km long with a drop of 51m. The plume of mist generated by the falling water ensures that Victoria Falls is visible from many kilometres away. It is that same mist that soaks you to the bone during your visit. Fortunately it is hot enough that the mist actually provides some relief.

All in all it is about a 5km return walk from the hotel to the falls.

It is difficult to get a sense of the falls because they are so large. In fact it is impossible to take in the entire spectacle from the ground so the idea is that you walk along and take your photos from various observation points. Even that can be tricky as you need to wait for breaks in the mist to even see the water on the opposite side. One thing that is constant is the near deafening roar of the water.

The Zambezi River down stream of the falls defines the Zimbabwe - Zambia border. It is possible to cross the bridge into Zambia to observe the other end of the falls.

I can't think of a more appropriate place to take in high tea after getting soaked visiting Victoria Falls. The other good looking couple are Tracy's mom and dad.

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