• Russell Roy

Waterfall and Cascading Pools of Tat Kunagi Si, Laos

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Described as "Edenic", the Tat Kunagi Si pools are simply incredible. Cool and swimable they stand out as a special memory of our visit to Laos.

You approach the main 60m high falls by walking a 600m path past numerous cascading pools of blue-green water. Every turn offers a stunning view and photo opportunity.

The main waterfall marks the end of the pools, but not the end of the hike. There is a path up to the left and back down to the right that offers beautiful views of the surrounding jungle covered mountains.

One of the most interesting features of the hike to the top is a staircase that is integral to the falls themselves. Even though it is a little precarious, it still offers a unique experience.

At the top of the falls there is a calm, wide pool with lots of shade with a small place to sit and have a cold drink while cooling off and reflecting.

A view from the top looking back at the pools below.