• Russell Roy

Wuzhen Water Town - China

Towns built on water complete with canals, bridges and locks are not just a European concept. In fact, China has their own water towns located along the Yangtze River just west of Shanghai that date back centuries.

The historic Wuzhen is fairly small and easily explored on foot (not that there is really any other option). The streets are more narrow than the water ways and the quiet they provide is a welcome reprieve from the hustling and bustling modern world just a few kilometres away.

Wandering the canals and bridges offered an irresistible photo opportunity at every turn.

Beyond the picturesque buildings and canals, there was ample other details and curiosities to explore. It would be appropriate to budget two days to visit Wuzhen. Many of the buildings are back lit at night so definitely plan an evening tour including a cold beverage on one of the terraces facing a waterway.

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