• Russell Roy

Iceland's Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Wow

Any desire to see icebergs up close and personal? So close you can touch almost them? Well, there is a place and it may be the most beautiful and unique place in Iceland which says a lot because there are all kinds of beautiful and unique places to visit in Iceland.

The Jokulsarlon Lagoon is on the southern coast of Iceland about a five to six hour drive east of the capital, Reykjavik. The drive goes by fast as there is lots to see. Even the flat and rocky stretches of volcanic rock are interesting and unique.

As you approach the lagoon you are teased by your first look at IceLand's glaciers in the distance.

Just before the lagoon, a short hike affords you the opportunity to see one of the glaciers close up.

The first look at the lagoon is equally impressive, it's just that the glacier is further away on the west side.

As you move eastward, other glaciers reveal the icebergs up close.

Don't be fooled. These icebergs are not small. If you look closely you can see boats amongst the icebergs in the photo below. They provide some scale for just how enormous some of the icebergs are.

This panorama provides some insight into the size and layout of the lagoon.

The area is yours to explore. You can hike right down to the waters edge and around the shore line. Depending on the wind, you may get some really close looks at the ice along with some amazing photo ops.

The lagoon opens to the sea. The icebergs eventually make there way down a channel and then into the open ocean. A few find there way back to shore where you do get a chance to touch them if you wish.