• Russell Roy

12 Reasons You've Got Visit Iceland

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Iceland is majestic. It may just be the prettiest place we've ever visited. We took several thousand photos and then paired them down to twenty for this post.

Overall it is an easy place to visit. We rented a midsized sedan and drove all the way around the island. People generally speak English and it has a European atmosphere. It is quaint, beautiful and expensive.

The first thing that may grab you is the green foliage, mountains, waterfalls and ice. We literally saw hundreds of waterfalls. Some were large and other were gigantic. Some pans had 20 or more of them.

1. Waterfalls

2. Mountain Vistas

3. Hidden Valleys

4. Ancient Volcanoes

5. Active Volcanoes

6. Laval Flows, up close, far away and covered in moss.

7. Seaside Towns

8.Seaside Cliffs

9. Marine Mamals

10. Historic Churches, Old and New

11. Glaciers, Ice Flows and Icebergs

12. Interesting and Ever Changing Weather

13. A Baker's Dozen. Shipwrecks Too.

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