• Russell Roy

Grossglockner Austria High Alpine Road

The road up to the highest viewpoint is Austria offers some of the most spectacular scenery that you might find anywhere in Europe. That statement assumes that you find alpine mountain vistas, glaciers and lakes beautiful of course.

The drive itself is fun and full of switchbacks, or perhaps terrifying if you have a phobia of driving a winding road that hangs on the edge of a cliff. Each of the 36 switchbacks are numbered so you may choose a favourite if you like.

At any rate here are some of the more stunning photos we took along the route keeping in mind that photos never do proper justice to the experience itself.

There is a lot of beautiful scenery to take in before reaching the road. This aa beautiful and not unique view close by.

Road up begins along with some pull out photo opportunities along the way.

At the summit you reach the end of the road. There is a place to park and take in the view of the 3798m mountain summit, glacier and moraine lake. We were also entertained my some resident alpine marmots.

The way back offered a whole set of different views including this one of an old church and second glacial lake.

We left the park on a different and much snowier road than the one we arrived on. In fact, we soon found ourselves in a foggy cloud and the views completely disappeared.

A road this special is not free. There is a toll of 37.50 euros that is paid upon entering the park. Admittedly, it's worth it.