• Russell Roy

Shipwrecks Are Simply Fascinating

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Shipwrecks are like ruins on steriods if you are from the prairies. So if I love exploring ruins, then shipwrecks are simply fascinating.

The funny thing is that I only saw my first shipwreck last year. I was instantly hooked. There seemed to be so much mystery. How did the ship become wrecked? How long has it been there and whey did they just leave it there?

Our last couple of trips involved a lot of coastline, so I made it my mission to seek out every possible wreck we could access.

In searching out wrecks, I have learned to temper my excitement. Sometimes all you get is a sign. That's it. Just a marker pointing to where the wreck occured. The ship has long since been lost to time.

Other wrecks can only be seen at low tide and there ain't much to be seen at that. Maybe even just some of the old wooden frame sticking up above the waves.

Other times you can crawl all over the ship. At least all over the parts that aren't burried in the sand or still others that just out of reach (but still burried in sand).

Still other ships have been smashed all to hell by the waves, twisted, contorted and scattered about the beach.

Others have simply been beached and left to rot. Perhaps they are the most interesting since there is still lots to see relatively speaking.

Still others are just rotted out to a point where there is not much left, but still enough to tell that there was once a ship.

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