• Russell Roy

Big Assed Trees (Updated)

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We have certainly encountered some big assed trees during our travels. Some are almost unbelievably big. Since large trees have always been a fascination, we've found ourselves taking photos of them with us in front for scale.

If you share our fascination, check out this post. We'll plan to keep it updated as we add to our collection.

Unfortunately we do not know the names of all of the trees but the locations where we photographed them are accurate.

1. The Baobab tree. This one was found in Namibia in the Caprivi strip. The termite hill beside me is pretty impressive too.

Bain's Baobabs in Botswana.

2. Unknown type of tree photographed in southern Arizona, USA, near the Town of Tombstone.

3. The "Tane Mahuta" kauri tree in northern New Zealand. Look closely and you can spot me at the bottom. I am 15m in front of the tree which is 5m in diameter.

4. Unknown tree photographed in Adelaide, Australia.

5. Redwood tree photographed just north of San Francisco, USA.

Redwood trees in NewZealand - vertical panorama.

6. Cathedral Grove Fir, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Fir tree photographed on Vancouver Island near Port Renfrew, Canada.

7. Unknown tree photographed at Siem Reip, Cambodia. The tree's height impressed us most. This photo is a vertical panorama.

8. Fig tree, New Zealand

9. Unknown tree, New Zealand

10. Giant Bamboo, Chiang Mai, Thailand

11. Unknown tree, photographed in Santiago, Chile

12. Unknown tree, photographed at Timaru, New Zealand

13. Unknown tree, photographed in Athens Greece

14. Probably more than one tree, but impressive nevertheless, near Chaing Mai, Thailand

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