• Russell Roy

Culture Shock - Our First Morning in India

India is an assault on the senses: the colours are brighter, the noise is louder and smells are stronger.

We arrived in New Delhi near midnight the previous day so our introduction only truly began once we left the hotel room the next morning. Before we toured any sites, we drove through the heart of Delhi (AKA "Old Delhi") complete with a rickshaw bicycle ride.

We weren't sure what we had gotten into initially. Fortunately this was almost as crazy as it got. We were immediately struck by the narrow streets and exposed wiring. It must be safe however, as the monkey didn't seem to have any issues climbing the power poles.

Out on the larger streets, the constant and seemingly random movement of people, bicycles, motor bikes, tuktuk's, cows and donkeys was mesmerizing.

By mid morning we were walking around and checking out some of the local vendors.

Back in the car again, were off to start our 3 week tour. In the end, India remains in second place of our all time favourite places visited.

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