• Russell Roy

Remembering the Fiji Sunburn

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Fiji is difficult to get to. My path was Regina to Vancouver to Sydney to Adelaide to Melbourne, then onto Fiji. It all took place over the course of three days. I was visiting Tracy while she was working in Australia. Given its relative proximity, Fiji was a location of opportunity.

The plan was to land in Nada, Fiji's capital and then get on a boat to divide our time between three different islands: the big island, Naviti Island and Nacula Island.

We were immediately swept away by the beauty that is Fiji. The many islands are absolutely green in stark contrast to the blue skies and clear turquois water. Our captain was quick to point out the islands where Castaway with Tom Hanks was filmed and The Blue Lagoon.

We transferred from the big yellow boat to a small one which delivered us to our first island resort (background).

The activities for the next two days involved beach combing, island hopping, snorkeling and enjoying the odd beer. The water was bathtub warm and irresistible.

All of that sun having arrived from a wintery Canada took its toll on me. It took only one afternoon in the boat to transform into lobster man. Somewhere between the beach combing and snorkeling I managed to loose all of my sunscreen without knowing it at the time.

At our second island we were treated to one the more beautiful and unique sunsets we've ever witnessed.

Sadly departing our second resort to return to Nadi on the big yellow boat.

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