• Russell Roy

Cloud Ridge Caves - Datong China

The Cloud Ridge Caves may contain some the most impressive rock carvings we've seen in terms of scale. These giant carvings of Buddha are carved from the native rock. What is left are massive carvings, some of which are in caves. The rest of the cave voids are also filled with smaller scale Buddha's, some of which are painted.

One of the most impressive carvings was so big that I had to splice two images because we couldn't possibly capture it all in one frame.

You don't really appreciate the carvings until you get up close. As you approach, all you see the natural rock escarpment from below.

As you approach you start to get a sense of what awaits.

It is almost like the carvers intended to tease you into looking inside the caves.

After you enter the first cave you are hooked. It's like you cannot wait to look into the next and next. Each one is unique and each one is mind blowing. It is hard to imagine the amount of work that went into creating this shrine.

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