• Russell Roy

Buddhist Temples at Chiang Mai Thailand

The temples in Thailand are perhaps the most ornate that we've come across in our travels so far. It is almost inconceivable to imagine that some of the temples have every square inch covered in colourful, detailed decorations complete with mosaic mirrors, coloured glass and gold leaf.

During our stay in Chiang Mai, we dedicated one full day to explore the temples around the centre of the city centre. All of the temples were easily reached on foot.

Though similar in style, no two are anywhere close to being the same. Even the common elements like statues of Buddha or dragons or griffons are all different. Each temple is extraordinary in its own right.

It is unfortunate that you cannot take photos inside the temples and we obeyed all of the signs saying not to do so. You can imagine that the insides are equally ornate and usually feature colourful statues and the odd solid gold Buddha.

Here are photos of only a few temples that we visited that day.

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