• Russell Roy

Exploring the Palace Fortress Ruins - Bundi, India

If the Bundi Palace at the bottom of the hill is in decay, the Palace Fortress at the top of the hill is in ruins.

Though it is a shadow of its former self, the 1354 AD Muslim palace and surrounding embattlements are absolutely fascinating. You buy a ticket to enter and then you are free to explore anywhere and everywhere you please. The palace and overgrown courtyards are massive. Hours litterly fly by as you are temped to explore every nook and cranny. Monkeys aside, we pretty much had the site to ourselves all afternoon.

You start by climbing up the hill towards the fortress. Up the path and past the first set of monkeys.

Your last hurdle is to pass through the elephant gate, complete with defensive spikes to discourage charging enemy elephants.

After that, its all about the exploration. Climbing on and around ruins is awesome. We were in our glory.

View looking back to the decaying palace at the bottom of the hill.

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