• Russell Roy

Hot on Jesus' Trail - Part 3 of 4

We last left Jesus' trail during his ministry around Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. We caught up with him in Jerusalem.

It is remarkable how close all of the biblical sites are to one another. All of the sites from central Jerusalem to the top of the Mount of Olives can easily be visited in half a day on foot (if you don't mind climbing some stairs).

We start at the Golden Gate where Jesus is said to have entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Things have changed. The gate was sealed way back in the 7th century. A Muslim cemetery now lies adjacent the entire length of this part of the wall.

The Temple Mount was also off limits during our visit so the closest we got was the Western Wall - the most important religious site for Jewish people. It is remarkably close to the golden Dome of the Rock, one of the most significant religious sites for Muslim people (second photo). The dome houses the foundation stone of the world. It is where God formed Adam, and later Abraham offered his son as a sacrifice to God. It is also the spot where Muhamad ascended to heaven and is thusly the third holiest place in Islam.

The Shiloach Pool is located at the southern end of the City of David and is purported to be the location of Jesus' miracle of curing a blind man. From the pool you travel a 450m underground tunnel up towards the Temple Mount.

The Church of Pater Noster atop the Mount of Olives is where Jesus is believed to have taught the Lord's Prayer and performed many teachings. The Lord's Prayer is translated into 160 languages mounted on walls around the manicured grounds of the Church. For those of true faith, it also is home to the still living bush from which Jesus' crown of thorns were taken.

The location of the Last Supper. Its not what I imagined it would be and is located directly above the tomb of King David.

The Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was arrested, complete with 2000+ year old olive trees that would have been present in Jesus' time to witness the event. The grotto where he was betrayed is nearby.

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