• Russell Roy

"Spira, Spera (Breath, Hope)" Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Such a sad loss. To have lasted since being completed in 1260 is quite remarkable considering all of the wars, a revolution and lots of bombs dropped on Paris. The good news is that many historic structures have been successfully restored after being largely destroyed. Hopefully Notre Dame will be successfully restored too.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is renown for many things including its architecture and a key place for a number of historic events.

We've been fortunate to visit the cathedral a number of times. It is remarkably beautiful. Here are some photos of the building and its interior as it was, and hopefully will be once again.

Right from the entryway, the building is beautiful. You cannot help but be impressed by the massive doors and ornately carved stone arches.

At the end of the nave under a 43m high roof is the altar with the statue Pieta by Nicolas Coustou.

The choir is decorated with carved reliefs in wood.

The stain glass is another feature that the cathedral is known for and they are enormous. The glass is mounted within a matrix of carved stone.

The exterior of the stained glass window in the front of the building.

The exterior of the building is as beautiful as the interior. A walk around the back side reveals just how intricately carved the exterior is. The flying buttresses add to the texture, beauty and complexity of the structure.

Of course there are gargoyles everywhere. They are really cool, unique and some are downright scary.

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