• Russell Roy

Secret Rooms at Karnak Temple Egypt

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

There are two famous temples in City of Luxor, Egypt. The first is Luxor Temple and the second is the larger, Karnak Temple. Both temples were built and active at the same time in history and closely related in architecture. Karnak is largely open to the pubic and you are free to visit as you please. There is, however, at least one locked door that we encountered.

Down this path,

look for this door and go through.

Look around and you will see beautifully carved columns and walls, similar to other locations around the Karnak site,

but a "tip" for the guard gets you access to some small, but spectacular rooms (it's customary to tip basically everyone in Egypt for their time... you'll even observe guides tipping the guards).

Behind the locked doors you see just how beautiful the preserved, cleaned and somewhat restored Egyptian artwork really was. As amazing as it is today, it would have been truly spectacular thousands of years ago. The detail and colours are outstanding.

It turns out that these rooms contained some of the most beautiful Egyptian artwork that we encountered. The tombs in the Valley of the Kings contained the very best in our opinion.