• Russell Roy

McLean Ghost Mill

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The McLean Mill was once a thriving family run lumber mill on British Columbia's Vancouver Island until it shut its doors in 1965. It closed as if everyone simply set down their tools and walked away one day. 50 years hence, the place has barely changed but its aging patina and the encroaching forest makes the place hauntingly beautiful. It is designated as a National Historic Site based on its state of preservation as a great example of an early 20th century steam powered lumber mill.

The day we visited it was raining, of course, which made everything particularly green and vibrant. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and we were free to explore as we pleased. It was like stepping back in time. You could see just how much harder people had to work in the past to accomplish tasks that are largely automated today.

Here are some photos below of the mill itself and decaying outbuildings and equipment.

The Blacksmith's shop.

Blacksmith's shop.

The "old" and "new" equipment.

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