• Russell Roy

Berber Mud Towns on the Edge of the Sahara

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The Berber cities in southern Morocco are like a living museum and absolutely worth a visit. They are located along Dades Valley and the Gorges. The mud walled buildings and palm trees against desert mountains are frozen in time. They appear immense and fortified and intriguing. The opportunities for photos are seemingly endless.

In this case, the journey also rivalled the destination. The Altus mountains are beautiful. The north face is lush with vegetation and farming. The summit has breathtaking vista views and snow capped peaks. The south side is desert wrought with colourful rocks and beautiful formations.

Arriving on the other side, you meet the upper reaches of the Sahara Desert, complete with herds of Ferrell camels.

The day we visited, it was hot and the strong wind was blowing the sand around making the views somehow more captivating. It is somehow difficult to imagine that these towns are still populated and functioning given their difficult desert surroundings.

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