• Russell Roy

Roman Mosaic Montage - Masterpieces Amongst Ruins

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I have always had a deep fascination with ruins. They are simply intriguing to me. At first all you may see is a pile of rocks, but when you look a little deeper there are all kinds of interesting things tucked in amongst the rubble. When it comes to well preserved mosaics, the archaeological community has made them pretty easy to find and enjoy.

Here are some of my favourites in no particular order.

The first one is a close up. In many of the photos it is not possible to see the details. It would simply take too many photos to show how beautiful the mosaics are at the finest levels of detail.

The next two mosaics are located in Madaba, Jordan. The second is significant because it is the oldest map of the Palestine region and shows the location of many sites listed in the Bible. The whole mosaic is located in St. Georges church and once contained more than 2 million tile pieces.

The next two sets of tiles are located at the ruined city of Volubilis, Morocco.

Closer to Rome. The next two sets are located at Ostia Antica, west of Rome and Pompeii near Naples. I like these examples because it shows just how prevalent mosaic tiles were in Roman architecture.

The last example comes from Beit She'an, Israel. I like this photo because it shows how styles have always changed. At some point the mosaics fell out of style and were covered with paving stones. I guess that was progress. I also find it odd that you visit this site walking on those very same tiles...

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