I really don't like the word "retired" but I do love the freedom of being "retired".

​There is no magic to how Tracy and I gained financial independence at a young(ish) age.  We did it by working damn hard. We saved and invested wisely. 

Hindsight being 20/20, we would have attained our financial independence even sooner had we invested more wisely at a younger age.  The problem is that nobody teaches you about the financial stuff you need to know.  As far as your financial advisor is concerned, it’s all too often more about their self-interest than yours.  You need to truly learn about financial matters on your own.

As we started to take financial matters into our own hands, our returns increased accordingly.  That was the easy part.  The difficult part was making this call: We have enough money; we’re financially independent and free to get on with our lives to do whatever we want to do.

My first book, titled Retire Younger Canada, was written to help people retire earlier by structuring their investments to minimize their tax payments. By doing this, less savings are needed to provide an equivalent retirement income that would otherwise require much more savings.

I wrote my second book, Financial Freedom for Every Canadian, because I wish somebody would have provided me with this information when I was younger. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you. It’s my genuine wish for every Canadian to get ahead regardless of their level of income. Everyone deserves an opportunity to begin and plan for a comfortable life and retirement.

I wrote Financial Freedom for Every Canadian in plain, clear language for anyone to understand how wealthier people save, invest and retire comfortably. You will find easy to follow tips and explanations on how to save, invest and get ahead. By the time you have finished reading the book you will know how to get your money working for you.

Neither of my books are extremely technical. The concepts are surprisingly simple when you take the time to understand them. My books are more about advice and perspective and how to structure your investments so that you may be inspired to find yourself in a position of having financial freedom.     

Enjoy my books and hopefully be empowered to make better financial decisions for yourself.

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