Hello!  My wife Tracy and I are retired.  Tracy left the corporate world in 2014 the age of 43 after working 21 years as a microbiologist.  I joined her in July 2016 at the age of 48 having worked as an engineer for 25 years.  We planned, saved and diligently invested so that working is now optional for the rest of our lives.  

So many people have asked me what I am going to do with my life having left the corporate world so young.  The advice I was given was to follow my passions.  That was easy to figure out.  I've always known my passions were finance and travel.  

Following that advice, I wrote my first book about the tactics we employed to gain financial independence and retire young.  It is titled Retire Younger Canada. The tactics are not a system.  There is no magic.  You still need to work hard and save diligently.  The trick is how you structure your hard earned savings so that you can earn a good income that can support your work free lifestyle much sooner than you ever thought possible.

My second book titled Financial Freedom for Every Canadian is all about tips and advice that I wish someone had taught me about when I was young. It's about sharing what I’ve learned because it is my genuine wish for every Canadian to get ahead regardless of their level of income. I wrote the book in plain, clear language for anyone to understand how wealthier people save, invest and retire comfortably.

Going forward, we're going to blog about our travel experiences and hopefully inspire others to move beyond their day to day working drudgery and follow their own passions.

Come on in to our web site and have a look.  We will try to respond to any questions you may have about saving and investing, and travel of course.